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Stack Agility enables Elegant Mobile Interaction!

How do we deliver high quality apps, fast? By being Agile! We’re signatories of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development – we believe in shipping often, and communicating with customers frequently during our projects, to increase speed-to-market and implement incremental changes as they are identified.

Stack Agility combines deep technical understanding of SmartPhone hardware with vast software expertise to develop apps that users simply love. Our staff are veterans of both the telecom and software industries. Our apps are hardware intensive, so we know what to do to minimize the use of the battery and maximize user satisfaction.

Creating Elegant Mobile Interaction with your customers and other audiences is more than just porting your web content. The small screen, location awareness and mobility itself create challenges and opportunities that are unique to mobile platforms and that demand unique solutions.

Proud Sponsor of the FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST Robotics CompetitionStack Agility has sponsored the FIRST Robotics Competition for the past several years. We provide access to it’s Quextit Q&A service and software/services to the vendor community that generously supports this great cause.

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Doggy Datez - Social Networking for Dog Owners Creators of Doggy Datez, featured on Mashable as #2 Must-Have Dog App

Web Services


We work hard to give you a solution that is customized to the needs of your organization. Keeping in mind the core goals of sales growth, enhancing brand image, and building a strong relationship with your customers, we deliver cost-effective, mobile applications and specialty websites. We provide web services, mobile application development and internet marketing consulting. We have satisfied customers around the globe that enjoy the excellent service and high quality solutions we deliver.

Histaway - Delete Android History Doggy Datez
Gap Wireless First Robotics Competition
Quextit Question and Answer Service


Quextit Q&A Service allows any organization to quickly and efficiently stream questions from users, customers, or any community of interest to the right person. It gives those experts a secure, private moderation forum for discussing and eventually publishing the correct answer. Originally developed for the FIRST Robotics Competition, this solution has evolved significantly and is available on most smartphones, as well as any web browser, at a very reasonable cost per month.