About Stack Agility

Stack Agility Inc. was formed in 2009 (originally Quextit Media Corp.) to address the growing gap between mobile app development and core product and corporate strategy. We have a mix of experience in diverse areas such as Customer Experience, Strategy Development, Operations, Mobile and other Telecom, Programming, Product Development, Engineering, and Branding across multiple mobile platforms.

Stack Agility has the experience.

Our products enable Elegant Mobile Interaction between our clients and their audiences. By combining our collective years of experience in the wireless space with branding expertise and extensive development capability, we have created a team that can help you build a mobile strategy that underpins and enhances your corporate strategy.

At Stack Agility, we help business be mobile.

We believe that mobile platforms will be the way on which the world communicates, shops, shares, and searches, and that the end user experience is enhanced by a customized experience. Mobility and location-awareness fundamentally change the way a business must think and engage with its customers. Companies must be ready to interact instantly in real time – wherever the customer may be.

At Stack Agility, we are ready to help you.

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