Histaway – Delete Android HistoryHistaway – Delete Android History

Histaway – Delete Android History

Delete Android History with Histaway
This simple and FREE app ensures privacy by allowing Android users to delete Android history with one click!

You can get the App on the Google Play Store.

Delete Android History with ONE Click!

Keep prying eyes away from your call and texting history, and make sure that your significant other doesn’t know what you’re up to!



Inweld Corporation is a North American based worldwide supplier to welding and industrial distributors since 1970.

Visit the Inweld Corporation website and see what’s new there.

Doggy DatezDoggy Datez

Doggy Datez

Doggy DatezDoggyDatez is a location-based mobile platform offered by Quextit, that makes it easier to find new friends and have more fun while walking your dog.

Check out the Doggy Datez website or download the App today!

Gap WirelessGap Wireless

Gap Wireless

Gap Wireless provides test and infrastructure equipment to the North American wireless industry.  We provide their web services including webstore and back end management.

First RoboticsFirst Robotics

First Robotics

Stack Agility is a proud sponsor of, and provides the Question and Answer solution to, over 50,000 participants in the global FIRST Robotics Competition.  This solution is based on our Quextit Q&A platform.

We are a Gold Level Sponsor of the competition and are very pleased to be part of their trusted technology team.

TG HoldingsTG Holdings

TG Holdings

TG Holdings has a wide variety of companies and brands in the Welding and other industrial spaces.

Erin Optimists’ Rhythm and RibsErin Optimists’ Rhythm and Ribs

Erin Optimists’ Rhythm and Ribs

Erin Optimists have a Rhythm and Ribs festival every year to raise money for kids.  We sponsor the event and are happy to provide our services to this great cause.

FishHunter – World’s Most Advanced Fishing AppFishHunter – World’s Most Advanced Fishing App

FishHunter – World’s Most Advanced Fishing App

Photo of FishHunter Sonar Device and Fishing AppFishHunter is the most evolved fishing app in the world; it was developed after rigorous software testing in all marine environments and with input from hundreds of enthusiasts.

Ideally it is coupled with a proprietary sonar device so small it floats, and so smart it can speak to just about any modern mobile phone (Bluetooth wireless), and so powerful it can track fish twenty five feet below the waves.

FishHunter Advanced Features

  • Advanced mapping
  • Military grade sonar
  • Realistic view of lake bottom and fish populations.