Smartphone and Tablet App Development

Smartphone and Tablet App DevelopmentSmartphone or Tablet App Development

Stack Agility prides itself on the quality of its apps.  That’s measured in many ways.  Speed.  Looks.  Analytics.  Of course in the end it’s satisfied clients that prove quality.

Our developers are experts in the various hardware platforms and their related quirks, and we’ve worked with virtually every part of them so whether your app needs location, bluetooth, or camera integration, our team can deliver.  When you’re undertaking a smartphone or tablet app development project, you want to know you have a partner who understands how to efficiently manage smartphone resources like memory, power and screen “real estate”.

OS Wars - Tablet App DevelopmentOur Developers LOVE their chosen phone!

One key to creating apps that your users will love is to use developers who are “in love” with their smartphones.  The various OS’ available today (iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows, Blackberry) all have their own approach to navigation.  We approach smartphone or tablet app development from the point of view of your users.  You can’t just design one app and implement it the same way in all of the OS’.  If you do, your users will be confused by buttons that don’t make sense (or that they expect but don’t find).  Not surprisingly, our Android developers love their Android devices.  And our iOS developers love their iPhones.  This results in apps that are intuitive to the user, and reduces confusion with navigation.

Why use Stack Agility for your Smartphone or Tablet App Development needs?

  • Highly skilled, dedicated and talented team of developers
  • Expertise in mobile application development, especially Location Aware Applications
  • Fast, accurate, and timely development of applications
  • Customized user interfaces
  • Applications built to client specific requirements
  • Experience in building multimedia gaming, streaming audio/video, graphics, 2D/3D animation applications

Find out more about iOS, Android or HTML5 development and contact Stack Agility to get your project started.