Location Aware Applications

Location Aware ApplicationsLocation Aware Application

One of the things that makes location aware applications unique is their ability to offer geographically-relevant information to them.  This allows you to tailor the data streamed to your users to their most current and relevant needs.

Providing a Geographical Context for your applications through Location Awareness

When you know the geographic location of the user, you can improve the quality of the information you offer.  This can be, in some cases, at the core of your application.

All of today’s smartphone platforms provide both position and heading, which can allow navigation features, and drive revenue.  But not every application developer who says they can develop a location aware application knows the nuances of dealing with GPS hardware.  This includes the complicated issues of power management and threading.

Talk to Stack Agility about how location awareness can be added as a feature to your app’s!

What is Location Awareness?

Location awareness refers to devices that can passively or actively determine their location. Navigational instruments provide location coordinates for vessels and vehicles. Surveying equipment identifies location with respect to a well-known locationa wireless communications device. Network location awareness (NLA) describes the location of a node in a network. (Source: Wikipedia)

Why Stack Agility for your Location Aware Application?

If you don’t know what you’re doing with a location aware application, you run the risk of creating an app that users will reject due to poor power management or slow response, and in the case of iOS applications, rejection by Apple.  Stack Agility’s engineers are adept at all aspects of hardware management, and the GPS is a crucial part of this due to its significant power drain in some modes.