HTML5 vs Native App White Paper

HTML5 vs Native App White Paper

HTML5 vs Native App

Do you need a Native App?

Your organization has decided to release its first App.  You are confronted first with a difficult yet fundamental question… Native or HTML5?  You’ve years that a HTML5 app can run on any mobile browser regardless of the device, unlike “Native” apps built specifically for one of the Smartphone operating systems. This “Write once. Run anywhere.” promise sounds alluring. Sometimes HTML5 can save money and will work just as well as a native app.

If you’re new to the issues around mobile applications, you may be asking why this question even exists. Stack Agility has released a HTML5 vs Native APP White Paper to help to demystify the smartphone app landscape.

HTML5 vs Native App White Paper

Why do we even have to ask about native vs browser-based Apps on SmartPhones and tablets, when we love web apps on the laptop??  Which is more secure?  Which one give the richer user experience and provides access to device features?

Get the answers to these and many more questions by downloading the HTML5 vs Native App White Paper here.

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