Smartphone Apps

These are some of the Smartphone Apps that Stack Agility has released.

Histaway – Android History Remover

Histaway - Delete Android HIstory

Histaway is a one-click solution for deleting your call and text history from your Android device.  
Lets you keep your history private from your co-workers, law enforcement and others! Get more information by visiting our Histaway page.

Doggy Datez – Mark Your Territory

Doggy Datez

Doggy Datez is a location-based mobile platform that makes it easier to find new friends and have more fun while walking your dog (available of both iOS and Android). By “marking your territory”, you’re taking ownership of an area (200m radius) in the physical world and seeing who else “visits” your spot, just like dogs do! – See more at:

Quextit for FIRST Robotics Competitors

Quextit for FIRST Robotics Competition

Stack Agility (as Quextit Media Corp.) has been a proud sponsor of the FIRST Robotics Competition for 2012 and 2013. We provided access to the Quextit Q&A service to all FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) suppliers and participants for the 2013 build and competition season.

As the official channel for communication of questions and answers to the FRC Game Design Committee, we significantly reduce the amount of time required for judges and others to interact with participants.